Buc-ee’s Hours, Menu With Prices (Updated in 2024)

Buc-ee’s is a popular gas station and convenience store that is spread across the Southern states of America with over forty stores in several states. Buc-ee’s specializes in food and snack items that you can grab on the go while you are on your journey. The food items are designed to fill your appetite until you reach your destination.

Buc-ee’s stores are open 24 hours a day and the stores remain open every day of the week including weekdays, weekends, and holidays. Not all of the items are available all the time at Buc-ee’s as breakfast items are only available from 4:00 AM to 10:30 AM.

Here we will go through all of the popular and recommended items at Buc-ee’s that you must grab the next time you find yourself filling up your tank at any of their gas stations so that you can only get the best items while avoiding the rest, so follow along.

What Time Are Buc-ee’s Hours of Operations?

Bucc-ee’s stores are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they are also open on all the holidays. The timing does not change for weekdays or weekends. Buc-ee’s stores are all located with gas stations on highways and the American highways are always busy. This is why Buc-ee’s stays open all day long.

Here is a chart detailing Buc-ee’s hours of operation.

DayHours of operation
SundayOpen 24 hours
MondayOpen 24 hours
TuesdayOpen 24 hours
WednesdayOpen 24 hours
ThursdayOpen 24 hours
FridayOpen 24 hours
SaturdayOpen 24 hours

Buc-ee’s Menu

Brisket Sandwich$6.99
Sausage Sandwich$4.99
Turkey Sandwich$5.99
Breakfast Burrito$3.99
Cinnamon Roll$2.99
Biscuits and Gravy$6.49
Beef Jerky$9.99
Turkey Jerky$9.99
Beaver Nuggets$3.99
Candied Pecans$4.99
Trail Mix$4.99
Birthday Cake$12.15
Chocolate Pecan$12.15
Key Lime Pie$12.15
Banana Pudding$12.15
Chewy Praline$12.15
Tiger Butter$12.15
Blueberry Cheesecake$12.15
Peanut Butter Chocolate$12.15
Fountain Drink$1.79
Sweet Tea$1.99
Unsweet Tea$1.99

Buc-ee’s does not have any conventional type of menu that is available at the restaurants. Most of the items are on display and you can get them yourself. But you do have to order some of the items directly such as the ready-made food items. There is a huge variety of snacks that are available at the store at Buc-ee’s.

The most popular items at Buc-ee’s include pastries, private-label chips, beef jerky, private-label candies, kolaches, brisket sandwiches, breakfast tacos, breakfast burritos, BBQ Sandwiches, and Beaver Nuggets.

The beaver nuggets are must-have items whenever you visit Buc-ee’s. These all-time favorite snacks are synonymous with Buc-ee’s at this point and for good reasons. Buc-ee’s is known for keeping the snack shelves stacked with numerous types of popcorn and caramelized popcorn. Some of the options include Sea Salted Caramel, Bold N Spicy Nugee’s, Jalapeno White Cheddar Popcorn, and classic Buc-ee’s popcorn.

You can also grab the BBQ Sandwich if you are feeling like having some delicious and juicy meat sandwich to fill up your appetite on your journey. The special BBQ sandwich is made with chopped brisket that gets lathered with Southern-style barbecue sauce. This item is highly recommended by almost all of the visitors because Buc-ee’s specially prepares the briskets every day.

Other than the brisket sandwiches, you can also get other types of meat for your sandwich such as pulled pork, turkey, and sausage. The pulled pork sandwich is the second most popular item after the brisket sandwich and is highly recommended if you visit Buc-ee’s.

Buc-ee’s also has a plethora of sweet items available at the store for you such as different types of candies and dessert items. The Fudge is the most popular dessert item at Buc-ee’s and you will also get many different options such as birthday cake, banana pudding, key lime pie, salted caramel, etc. There are more than twenty options to choose from. Grab a piece of fudge the next time you visit Buc-ee’s.

Another famous dessert item at Buc-ee’s is the Kolaches. This traditional Czech pastry has become a part and parcel of Buc-ee’s. The sweet dough is filled with fruity, sweet, tangy, and delicious pastry and the kolaches are baked to perfection. Satisfy your sweet teeth by grabbing one of the kolaches from the menu at Buc-ee’s.

The beef jerky is another specialty item of Buc-ee’s. Gas station beef jerkies have a bad reputation but Buc-ee’s is a huge exception to the norm. Buc-ee’s has a huge variety of beef jerky available at the stores and there is a separate section dedicated just to all the world-famous beef jerky at the store. You can also get different varieties of beef jerky such as traditional beef jerky, lemon pepper, teriyaki, Korean BBQ, and cherry maple. Other than the beef jerky, you can also get turkey jerky at the store which tastes delicious as well.

I would also recommend trying the coffee at Buc-ee’s because although they might not be at the same level as any of the artisan coffee shops, it is still a lot better than the poor quality coffee that you will find at most of the gas stations along the way. The coffee is freshly prepared from ground coffee beans every day. You can also get iced coffee from the store if you are not in the mood for hot coffee. Buc-ee’s will provide creamers and sweeteners to make sure that you can customize your coffee to your liking. 

What States Are Buc-ee’s Locations In?

Buc’ee’s has gas stations in 47 locations in numerous southern states like Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The stores are spread across the highways of the southern states of America.

You can grab some beef jerky, brisket sandwiches, baked goods, tacos, and other items from these locations if you are driving in the southern part of the United States.

How to Order Food at Buc-ee’s 

Buc-ee’s locations are spread across the highways of America. You can purchase food items from Buc-ee’s at the store and pay with most conventional methods of payment such as cash, credit card, debit card, etc.

You can eat at the location but most prefer to take the food items and eat in their car on the road. Delivery is not available at any of the locations as you cannot order from Buc-ee’s website or any third-party delivery app.

In-Store PaymentYes, it is available
Drive-ThruNo, it is not available
Home DeliveryNo, it is not available

Important Links of Buc-ee’s

Official Websitehttps://buc-ees.com/

Find Buc-ee’s on Social Media


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Buc-ee’s Have Breakfast?

Yes, Buc-ee’s serves breakfast in the shops from 4:00 AM to 10:30 AM every day of the week including both weekdays and weekends. Some of the breakfast items are available afterwards so make sure to speak to the manager or the staff if something catches your attention. Grab a breakfast taco or some brisket sandwich to start your day right when you grab breakfast from Buc-ee’s.

What Time Does Buc-ee’s Stop Serving Breakfast?

Buc-ee stops serving breakfast at 10:30 AM every day of the week. Breakfast stops at this time on the weekdays and the weekends. Breakfast starts at 4:00 AM so be early if you wish to start your day by grabbing a nice and hot breakfast burrito or breakfast taco from Buc-ee’s.

What Are Buc-ee’s Beaver Nuggets?

Buc-ee’s Beaver Nuggets are made with puffed corn that is coated in brown sugar, butter, corn syrup, and vanilla. The puffed corn is carefully prepared to rid of any kernels and the brown sugar coating is prepared specially to give the nuggets their signature sweet taste. The beaver nuggets are a must-have item any time you stop at Buc-ee’s.

How Much Is a Brisket Sandwich at Buc-ee’s?

The Brisket Sandwich at Buc-ee’s costs $13 at the store without value-added taxes. The brisket sandwich is one of the most popular signature items at Buc-ee’s that is freshly prepared every day with Texas-style brisket, signature sauces, and bread. This item is a fan favorite among the regulars and even at such a cost, sells well every day.

What Is the Most Popular Food Items at Buc-ee’s?

The Beaver Nugget is the most popular food item at Buc-ee’s. These nuggets are made with puffed corn which is then tossed in a brown sugar coating made with butter, sugar, corn syrup, and vanilla.

The nuggets are similar to kettle corn but a lot puffier and without any kernels. The sweet and salty taste of the Beaver Nugget has made this the most popular food item on the menu at Buc-ee’s

Does Buc-ee’s Have Pizza?

Most of the Buc-ee’s stores do not have pizza or sliced pizza available on the menu at the store. Some locations might sell sliced or pre-cooked sliced pizza, but it is rare to obtain. You should not expect to find any pizza at Buc-ee’s gas station.

Are There Any Vegetarian Options Available at Buc-ee’s?

Yes, Buc-ee’s has numerous types of nuts available at the shop which are all completely vegetarian. They also serve fruit cups at the shop which are also vegetarian-friendly. 

Buc-ee’s has a large bakery section that includes different items that are safe for vegetarians to consume. Speak with the manager or the staff about your dietary constraints if you cannot locate any vegetarian items at the shop.


Be it for grabbing some snacks for your driving journey or to have a meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Buc-ee’s remains an excellent choice for all as they serve delicious and affordable food items for customers every day. Grab some special snacks the next time you pay a visit to Buc-ee’s.

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