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Chez Lulu Menu (Updated 2024)

Chez Lulu is one of the best places in Birmingham, Alabama where you can enjoy the delicious taste of European tartes, fresh soups, Mediterranean specials, gourmet sandwiches, and many more mouth-watering food items.

Their amazing menu consists of both non-veg food items and veg food items from which you can choose the food you desire. Try the famous French Socca made from chickpea flour, water, and olive oil that captures the taste of France.

And what French dining experience can be complete without the baguette? Chez Lulu serves it with crushed San Marzano tomatoes, stone hollow goat cheese, and special Lulu pesto.

Try their Mediterranean sampler to capture the European taste on a platter as they serve it with romesco, olive tapenade, french feta, farm egg, pickled red onions, and capers.

The artisan cheese board is here to provide you with a superb tasting experience filled with Bucherondian goat cheese, mountain gorgonzola, and green hill camembert. The smoked salmon board served with red onion, creme fraiche, capers, and toasted artisan bread will surprise your tastebuds for sure.

Chez Lulu also takes pride in their amazing salad menu, a perfect choice for not only vegetarians and vegans but for anyone looking for some healthy meals. The menu consists of amazing items such as Hearts of Romaine, Messaged organic Kale, Tarragon Chicken Salad on Mixed greens, Goat in the Orchard, Salade Nicoise, and so on. The taste of the Mediterranean is served on your plate with love.

Try their combos if you are looking to fill yourself up with some flavorful European food. The combos menu includes Lulu de jour, Soup & half house salad, Half sandwich with soup or half house salad, and so on.

Their amazing and diverse sandwich menu is simply gorgeous with mouthwatering items such as Nort African pulled lamb in rolled flatbread with ratatouille and spicy harissa, stone hollow goat cheese, pear, and walnut on wild yeast sourdough, house smoked salmon on wild yeast sourdough, Turkey panini served with hollow goat cheese, strawberry jalapeno mostarda, Tarragon chicken salad, and so on.

The hand-tossed pizzas are full of flavor and freshness consisting of amazing options like Italian sausage & red pepper pizza, wild mushroom pizza, Zorba the Greek Pizza, Lamb Sausage Pizza, Brooklyn Bridge Pizza, Smoked Salmon with farm eggs pizza, Italian sausage & wild mushroom pizza, and Gluten free Catalan pizza.

Chez Lulu not only offers the vegan versions of their amazingly delicious pizzas but they also offer them with vegan cheese.

Continental Bakery has partnered with Chez Lulu and thus you can also satisfy your sweet tooth after finishing your amazing French dining experience with some of the best baked food items from there as well.

Visitors have also reported their dining experience to be one of the most unique ones as the flavorful foods are well complimented by the amazing staff and their service. 

Chez Lulu Appetizers Menu

Item Description Price
Socca (v) Crushed san marzano tomatoes, stone hollow goat cheese & lulu pesto with toasted baguette $8
Mediterranean Sampler Romesco, olive tapenade, French feta, farm egg, pickled red onion, capers $11
Cheese Lulu Artisan cheese board: bucherondin goat, mountain gorgonzola & green hill camembert + garnish $14
Smoked Salmon Board House smoked salmon, red onion, crème fraiche, capers, toasted artisan breads $14
Soup du Jour Ask your server for the soup of the day $5/7

Chez Lulu Salads & Combos Menu

Item Description Price
Lulu’s House (v) $8
Hearts of Romaine $11
Massaged Organic Kale $10.5
Tarragon Chicken Salad on Mixed Greens $11
Goat in the Orchard $11
Salade Nicoise $13
Upstream $13

Add Poulet Rouge chicken breast, Niman Ranch ham $4

Add house smoked salmon, tarragon chicken salad $4.5


Item Description Price
Lulu du Jour Soup, tart, house salad $18
Soup & Half House Salad $9
Half Sandwich with Soup/Half House Salad $12

For salad substitutions, add $2.

Chez Lulu Mains Menu

Item Description Price
Tart du Jour $13
Farci Stuffed Pepper (v) With romesco $13
Doba a la Nissarda Beef Stew a la Nicoise slow simmered in red wine $19

Served with house side salad (for subs, add $2)


Item Description Price
North African Pulled Lamb In rolled flatbread, with ratatouille and spicy harissa $12
Stone Hollow Goat Cheese, Pear & Walnut On wild yeast sourdough $11

Chez Lulu Food Serving Options

Outdoor seatingAvailable
No-contact deliveryAvailable

Important Links of Chez Lulu

Official Website
Contact Number+12058707011

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Dining Options Do Chez Lulu Have?

You can reserve seats by calling beforehand or you can take a table dine on arrival. You can also order food online from their website if you want to get their amazing European cuisine delivered to your house directly. 

What’s the Special or Recommended Dish in Chez Lulu?

The Tarragon Chicken Salad is one of the special dishes in Chez Lulu recommended by the visitors.

Are There Any Vegetarian/Vegan Options on the Chez Lulu Menu?

Yes, there are various vegetarian or vegan options on the Chez Lulu menu and they offer most of the menu items in vegan options with vegan cheese so ask for your meal to be prepared in vegan ways if that is your preference.

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