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Eli’s Jerusalem Grill Menu Price (Heaven for Authentic Israeli dish)

Eli’s Jerusalem Grill is a Middle Eastern restaurant, that mainly focuses on Israeli foods. It is located at 4673 Highway 280 East, Birmingham, AL, United States, 35242. The restaurant usually opens at 10:30 AM-8:00 PM from Wednesday-Saturday and 11 AM-7 PM on Sunday. They remain closed on Monday because of their off day. 

Eli’s Jerusalem Grill restaurant provides you with the best and most authentic Israeli foods in the town. Their heterogeneous menu will surely loved by the guests for the variations of food items. Let’s dive in on the menu of Eli’s Jerusalem restaurant and figure out the best foods on the menu. 

Starting with the salads, the menu offers a variety of salad items, which include Israeli salad, tabouli salad, cabbage salad, beef salad, and many more. Among them, “Israeli Salad” deserves the first place for its exceptional flavors and taste. The ingredients are mixed well and a touch of lemon juice and olive oil makes it a perfect blend for a true Israeli dish. 

Alternatively, you can go through the lighter food items on the menu, especially shwarmas and kabobs. Eli’s Jerusalem menu provides lots of options in their shwarma and kabob items. Most of them are made with rich, fresh ingredients and grilled to perfection. Their “Chicken Shwarma” and “Lamp Kabob” are recommended by many people 

Moving onto the platters, Eli’s Jerusalem menu serves the best platters at minimal prices. Their platters include chicken/beef/lamb shawarma plates, lamb chops plates, Moroccan fish plates, vegetarian plates, and many more. All of the dishes are made with different ingredients and choosing between them depends on individual preferences and taste. 

Moreover, all the dishes are served with basmati rice, israeli couscous, israeli salad, Moroccan carrots, red or white cabbage, and pita. Even, you can customize any food items you want according to your taste buds. 

Eli’s Jerusalem also think about your family, and this is why they have put a different section on the menu for family platters so that it gets easy to decide. They have like 6 types of combinations of food items on their menu and easily 4-5 people can be fed at one combination. 

Furthermore, kids can enjoy their dining experience too from selecting the food items from the kids’ section on the menu. They are offering 7 food items for the kids to choose from the menu and “Falafel” is liked by most kids for their delicious and wholesome taste. 

Other than heavy foods, “Hummus” and “Pita” turn out to be an obvious choice for people as their dip dish. The fluffy pitas dipped into the hummus bring the taste to a different level. You should not miss these must-try items when you visit the restaurant. 

Besides, they have a bunch of side dishes, soups, desserts, and beverages that you can go through the menu and order as you like. 

Eli’s Jerusalem Dinner Menu

Combination Items Price
Combination #1
  • 1 Lamb Kabob
  • 1 Beef Kabob
  • 2 Chicken Kabob
  • Rice or Couscous
  • Israeli Salad or Cabbage (Red or White)
  • 5 Pita
Combination #2
  • Chicken Shawarma
  • Rice or Couscous
  • Israeli Salad or Cabbage (Red or White)
  • 1⁄2 pound Hummus
  • 5 Pita
  • S’rug (hot sauce) & Tahini (8 oz each)
Combination #3
  • Chicken Schnitzel (Gluten-Free)
  • Rice or Couscous
  • Israeli Salad or Cabbage (Red or White)
  • 1⁄2 pound Hummus
  • 5 Pita
  • S’rug (hot sauce) & Tahini (8 oz each)
Combination #4
  • 2 Lamb Kabob
  • 2 Beef Kabob
  • Rice or Couscous
  • Israeli Salad or Cabbage (Red or White)
  • 1⁄2 pound Hummus
  • 5 Pita
  • S’rug (hot sauce) & Tahini (8 oz each)
Combination #5
  • 24 Falafel (Vegetarian/Vegan Option!)
  • Garlic Chicken
  • Rice or Couscous
  • Israeli Salad or Cabbage (Red or White)
  • 1⁄2 pound Hummus
  • 5 Pita
  • S’rug (hot sauce) & Tahini (8 oz each)
Combination #6
  • Rice or Couscous
  • Israeli Salad or Cabbage (Red or White)
  • 1⁄2 pound Hummus
  • 5 Pita
  • S’rug (hot sauce) & Tahini (8 oz each)


  • Each combination feeds approximately 4-5 people.
  • No substitutions please. Limit of 3. No coupons accepted.
  • Add Barkan Israeli Wine for $36. Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay.

Eli’s Jerusalem Kid’s Menu

(12 years and under only, please)

Served with Homemade Fresh Pita, fountain drink, and your choice of One (1) side:

  • Basmati Rice
  • Israeli Couscous
  • Rice and Couscous
  • French Fries
  • Sweet Potato Fries (add $2.)
  • Pita and Couscous contain Wheat.
Item Description Price
BEEF/LAMB SHAWARMA Thin slices of grass-fed beef and lamb, slow-cooked on a rotisserie. $6.99
CHICKEN SCHNITZEL YES, it’s Gluten-Free! Perfectly seasoned, organic chicken cutlet breaded and fried in non-GMO sunflower oil. $6.99
CHICKEN SHAWARMA Thin slices of marinated organic chicken, slow-cooked on a rotisserie. $6.99
CHICKEN TENDERS Organic tenders grilled to perfection. $6.99
FALAFEL Crispy brown croquettes freshly made from chickpeas and herbs, fried in non-GMO sunflower oil. $6.99
HOT DOG 100% Grass-fed beef hotdog. MSG-free. $6.99
EXTRA HOT DOG 100% Grass-fed beef hotdog. MSG-free. $3.00

Note: Chicken Schnitzel, French fries, Sweet Potato Fries, and Falafel are always cooked in non-GMO sunflower oil. Meat is cooked in a separate fryer. All breading used is Gluten-Free.

Eli’s Jerusalem Grill Food Serving Options

Outdoor seatingAvailable

Important Links of Eli’s Jerusalem Grill

Official Websitehttps://elisjerusalemgrill.com/
Contact Number+12056373658

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Eli’s Jerusalem Grill Shawarma Famous?

Undoubtedly, they make the best shawarmas for the people. Shwarmas are made with their homemade fresh pitas with hummus and Israeli salad. You will enjoy every bit of it and they are amazingly delicious. 

Why Eli’s Jerusalem Grill Beef and Chicken Are Good for Health?

Eli’s Jerusalem Grill beef and chicken are considered good for health because the cows or bulls are grass-fed and the chickens are organic. Grass-fed beef tends to be lower in fat and higher in beneficial nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. 

On the other hand, as the chickens are developed organically, there is no certain risk caused by developing chickens with pesticides, hormones, or other antibiotics. 

Are There Vegetarian or Vegan Options Available at Eli’s Jerusalem Grill?

Yes, Eli’s Jerusalem Grill restaurant offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes. They are also, providing flavorful options for guests with different dietary preferences. 

Are There Gluten-Free Options on the Menu of Eli’s Jerusalem?

Yes, Eli’s Jerusalem offers a gluten-free menu for the guests. On the menu, gluten-free is written beside the food items that come with gluten-free. Besides, you can ask staff to provide additional information about gluten-free foods. 


Wrapping up, Eli’s Jerusalem Grill stands as a culinary gem, providing guests with a delightful journey through the rich and authentic flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine. With a diverse menu catering to various dietary preferences, warm hospitality, and a commitment to quality, Eli’s Jerusalem Grill creates a dining experience to a whole new level.

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