How to Grind Deer Meat Into a Burger?

There are very few foods in the world that taste as good as the meat from the animal you have hunted yourself. Deer is one of the most popular animals that can be legally hunted during game season. There are numerous methods of cooking deer meat and one of them is turning the meat into a burger.

However, there are some steps that you will have to go through to turn the raw meat of the deer into delicious burgers. The first step is grinding the meat using a meat grinder to get ground meat that can be shaped into burger patties.

Here we will go through the entire process of turning deer meat or venison into a burger. We will discuss the tools that you will need, the tips and tricks, the grinding process, and all the secrets related to grinding venison to make burger patties so that your next hunt can produce the best burgers that you have ever tasted.

How to Grind Deer Meat Into a Burger? 

Grinding deer meat is similar to grinding any type of meat in the meat grinder. You have to prepare your equipment, prepare the meat, and grind the meat to your desired quality.

The process is fairly easy and gets even easier if you follow the instructions carefully. In half an hour, you will go from having deer meat in the fridge to having delicious burgers in front of your plate.


You cannot grind deer meat without a meat grinder. You can use a hand grinder or you can use an electric grinder. Blender does not work that well and it ruins the texture of the meat. So get yourself a nice stainless steel meat grinder.

You will also need a knife and a cutting board to cut the deer meat into small pieces so that it gets easier for you to grind the meat.

Another necessary piece of equipment is a refrigerator. You will need to not only chill the deer meat before you start grinding them, but you will also need to cill the meat grinders for easier grinding. A weighing scale is also necessary to measure the meat and the fat that will be added to it. You also need to get large bowls to keep the ground meat in it.

You can also get a patty presser to form the patties but that is entirely optional.

Preparing the Meat

Grinding meat becomes a lot easier when the meat is partially chilled in the fridge. The meat does not need to be frozen to the point that it is rock solid but I highly recommend that you chill the meat for at least 30 minutes before you start to grind it.

Next, you should cut the meats into small pieces. I usually cut them into one to two-inch pieces. Make sure to also trim the skin off the meat if it is still intact. Leave most of the fat attached to the meat because deer meat is low in fat and saturated fat. It will not have the best texture and quality for making burger patties if it does not have some fat to it.

You should also add some fat to the meat before grinding such as pork fat or lard. You should have at least 15-20 percent fat in the ground meat to make good burger patties.


Here are the steps to grind deer meat to turn it into burger patties.

Step 1

Cut the venison into one-inch to two-inch sized cubes and put them in the fridge for at least 30 minutes and up to 2 hours.

Step 2

Take out the metal parts from the grinder that will come into contact with the meat and put them in the refrigerator as well. Chilled equipment will help to keep everything clean and unclogged as you grind the meat.

Step 3

Take out the meat and the grinder parts from the fridge. Take the meat and fat in a bowl. Assemble the grinder and test to see if it is turning on.

Step 4

Start the grinder and push the meat from the top of the grinder inside the chambers where the blades will grind the meat and fat into a paste.

Step 5

Collect the ground meat in a separate bowl. You can grind the meat again if you feel like the texture and quality are not up to your expectations.

Step 6

Weigh out 110 gm or 4 ounces of grounded meat and use your hand to form round balls of meat. Press the meat in between your palms to form the burger patties.

Step 7

Now you can cook these patties on the stove with a pan or a skillet to make juicy and delicious venison burgers.

Tips for Grinding Deer Meat

Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you grind your deer meat properly.

Chill the Meat and the Equipments

Chilling the meat and the equipment in the fridge for as little as 30 minutes will drastically make the task of grinding a lot easier and a lot less messy.

The meat fibers will grind better and will not get entangled easily when they get chilled and the metal will not let the meat stick to it when it gets chilled.

Trim the Silver Skin

I suggest that you do a little trimming before you grind your meat. The silver skins on the meat can ruin the texture and the flavor of your venison. I try to trim the silver skins as much as possible. So trim these silver skins before you put the meat in the grinder.

Use a Good Grinder

You do not need to use an expensive grinder for the job but use a grinder that has sharp blades and the meat goes through it easily. You can use a hand grinder or you can buy a more powerful electric grinder. The process will be considerably easier if you use an electric grinder. I have used a manual grinder to grind meat and it grinds well.

Add Fat to the Meat

Venison is quite lean and dry which is not ideal for making burger patties because the burger patties need to release fat as they get cooked. Add some fat to your meat like pork fat or lard to increase the quality, texture, and flavor of your venison burger. I suggest having a 20/80 ratio of fat/meat in your ground meat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe to Grind My Own Deer Meat?

Yes, it is completely safe to grind your own deer meat that you have hunted or purchased. Just make sure that the internal temperature of the meat reaches 74 C or 165 F when you cook it so that no harmful parasites or microbes survive in the meat.

What Is the Best Fat Ratio for Venison Burgers?

The fat ratio that is ideal for venison burger patties is 10-20%. I would recommend using 20% fat because venison is very lean.

Can I Grind Frozen Deer Meat?

Yes, you can grind frozen deer meat. I prefer freezing the deer meat at least partially for 30 minutes before grinding it.

How Can I Make My Venison Burgers Less Dry?

Add 10-20% fat to the meat when you grind it to make your venison burgers less dry. Venison has very low fat in it so it comes out quite dry when you cook ground venison. Adding some fat solves this problem.

How Long Can I Store Venison Burgers in the Freezer?

You can store venison burgers in the freezer for 9-12 months.

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