How to Shape a Burger Patty – Make Your Patty Perfect!

Shaping a burger patty plays a crucial role in the burger-making process as it determines the overall texture, taste, and flavor of the burger. It can be shaped into various methods, which entirely depend on individuals. 

I usually shape a burger patty using a hand, small container lids, and a burger press, which has been instructed in this guide. So read further down below to know more about it. 

Are Burger Patty Shapes Important?

Burger patty shapes are highly important when it comes to making the perfect delightful burger you are looking for. 

A perfect-shaped patty is easy to handle and will cook evenly without leaving any unwanted overcooked or undercooked spots. Also, the juice or fat contained in the meat will not be leaked and it will make the burger flavorful, juicy, and tender. 

Therefore, considering the facts, I would suggest you focus on perfecting the shape of the burger patties before proceeding to the cooking stage. 

How to Shape a Burger Patty: 3 Methods

There are several methods that you can try to make a perfect shape for a burger patty. The methods include using your hands, small container lids, and a burger press.

Method 1: Using Hands to Shape a Burger Patty

Using hands is one of the traditional methods for shaping a burger patty. Many burger chefs and home cooks still prefer using this method to give a perfect shape to their burger patty. Even, I personally use this method for shaping them. Here are the steps you can follow if you prefer using this method.

  • Buy coarse-ground meat from the local store, and make sure it has at least 20% fat content to help maintain its shape. If you already have the meat, you can ignore the step, and move on to the second step. 
  • Shape the meat to the size of a ball using your hands. The thickness of the patty will vary depending on the size of the ball. While shaping, handle the meat gently, keep it loose, and avoid overworking it. 
  • Once the balls are formed, it’s time to flatten them into patties. Use your palm or a wooden spatula to press firmly on the balls, shaping them into a patty-like form. Ensure the patties have an even thickness and are flat on both the top and bottom. 
  • Next, position your thumb at the center of the patty and gently press to create a small indentation, about 1.3 cm thick. This helps the burger maintain its shape during cooking. 
  • Now, time to add seasonings, and the patty is ready to be cooked. 

Method 2: Using Small Container Lids to Shape a Burger Patty

Small container lids can be very useful for shaping a burger patty. The lids ranging from 2 to 4 inches in size, depending on the size of your patty, are commonly found in containers used for storing baby powdered milk, berries, and other food items. Below are the instructions that I provided for shaping a burger patty using container lids. 

  • Keep two small container lids with you. One is for holding the meat, and another is for pressing it down against it to flatten the patty. 
  • Now, take a small portion of coarse-ground meat, and place it on top of one of the container lid. The portion of meat depends on the size of the container lid and the thickness of the patty. 
  • Place the second container lid over the meat and gently press it with your thumb against the other lid. 
  • Then, press and rotate the container lid until the meat spreads up and fills up the gaps in the container lid.
  • Once it is formed into the size of a container lid, remove the top container lid, and you can see the burger patty is shaped perfectly. 

Method 3: Using Burger Press to Shape a Burger Patty

The burger press is a specially designed tool to shape a burger patty. It is mainly used for making a bulk number of patties, each consisting of the same shape and size. If you have a burger press, you can use this method for shaping your burger patty into perfection. 

  • Shape the coarse-ground beef into balls using your hands gently. Avoid overworking on it, and ensure they are loose. 
  • Next, place a wax or parchment paper on the bottom of the burger press to prevent the meat from sticking. Then, keep a piece of ball on top of it. 
  • Now, press it down with the lid of the burger press firmly, and the patty should be shaped in no time. 
  • Do this one at a time for all of your patty meatballs. 

What Is the Best Way to Shape Burger Patties?

The best way to shape burger patties is by using a burger press if you have it in your kitchen. It not only saves your time and effort but also ensures consistency in the size and shape of the burger patties.

The process of using it is very simple, and only you need a burger press, and a wax or parchment paper to shape the burger patties. 

Alternatively, you can use the small container lids to shape burger patties if you do not have a burger press in your kitchen. These small lids come with small containers that store baby powdered milk, or any kind of food item.

You are likely to find it in your kitchen if you search for it. This method doesn’t require shaping the meat into balls, and simply pressing the lids against each other like a burger press will shape the patty into perfection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Make Sure My Patties Are All the Same Size?

To make sure your patties are all the same size, weigh out each patty with a kitchen scale before shaping them. Also, a measuring cup or ice cream scoop can be used for taking each portion of meat for patty. 

Is It Okay to Use My Fingers to Shape the Patties?

Yes, it is completely okay to use your fingers to shape the patties. In fact, shaping the patties with your finger will give you more control over the patties for shaping. However, I would recommend you use gloves or wash your fingers in water while making the shape of the patties to prevent cross-contamination. 

What Is the Perfect Burger Ratio?

My suggestion would be to use 80% meat and 20% fat ratio for making a perfect burger. For best results, use coarse-ground meat, which you can find in your local store.

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