Longhorn Steakhouse Lunch Hours and Menu (Get Meaningful Steaks)

Longhorn Steakhouse is a casual dining chain steakhouse restaurant, which is known for its hearty American cuisine, particularly for steaks. They are quite famous for their unique style of grilling their steaks and use of quality ingredients & seasonings. On top of that, they have an expansive menu that can cater to a wide range of tastes, which keeps customers coming back for more. 

Longhorn Steakhouse lunch hour initiates at 11:00 AM as soon as the restaurant opens and ends at 03:00 PM from Monday to Saturday at all of its United States locations. 

In this guide, we have thoroughly covered the lunch menu of Longhorn Steakhouse, especially focusing on the lunch items that are offered during this time so that you can easily place an order for your midday feast whenever you visit the restaurant. 

Longhorn Steakhouse Lunch Hours Throughout the Week

Longhorn Steakhouse is open for lunch from 11:00 AM to 03:00 PM on Monday through Saturday at all of its locations across the United States. However, keep in mind that lunch is not served on Sundays, so if you visit on that day, you will need to order from their regular menu. 

Here is the chart of Longhorn Steakhouse lunch hours throughout the week. 

DaysLunch Hour StartsLunch Hour Ends
Monday11:00 AM03:00 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM03:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM03:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM03:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM03:00 PM
Saturday11:00 AM03:00 PM
SundayNot AvailableNot Available

What Time Does Longhorn Steakhouse Start Serving Lunch?

Longhorn Steakhouse begins serving lunch at 11:00 AM from Monday to Saturday, right after the restaurant opens its door for business at all of its locations throughout the United States. 

What Time Does Longhorn Steakhouse Stop Serving Lunch?

Longhorn Steakhouse stops serving lunch at 03:00 PM on Monday through Saturday across all of its locations in the United States. After the time ends, they start serving their regular menu, and you cannot able to order anything from their lunch menu. 

Does Longhorn Steakhouse Serve Lunch All Day?

Unfortunately, Longhorn Steakhouse does not serve all day. Their lunch hours commence at 11:00 AM and conclude at 03:00 PM from Monday to Saturday in all of its United States locations. To enjoy their lunch offerings, visit Longhorn Steakhouse within their lunch hours. 

Longhorn Steakhouse Lunch Menu With Prices

Longhorn Steakhouse’s lunch menu is full of amazing mouthwatering lunch options that anyone wishes to crave during a midday feast. On their lunch menu, you can choose from a variety of delectable options, such as steakhouse lunch plates, full-sized lunch favorites, legendary lunch steaks, and healthy salad lunch entrees. All of these are discussed further in detail below. 

Steakhouse Lunch Plates

Crispy Buttermilk Chicken SandwichCrispy Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich, Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, & housemade ranch.920$7.99
Half-Pound Steakhouse CheeseburgerLettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, & housemade burger sauce. Add applewood smoked bacon for $1.50850$8.99
Grilled Chicken & Strawberry SaladFresh fruit, pecans, feta, & raspberry vinaigrette.280$8.99
7-Pepper Sirloin Lunch SaladBlue cheese crumbles, tomatoes, croutons, & choice of dressing.250$9.99
Maverick Ribeye SandwichA juicy 6 oz. Ribeye with proprietary seasoning, sautéed onions, melted Swiss cheese, & savory sauce.1050$11.99

Longhorn Steakhouse’s lunch menu presents some mouth-watering lunch plates for those looking to try something hearty. Each of these lunch plates comes in combos, in which you can choose your choice of salad, soup, or side, along with your main dish. 

Longhorn Steakhouse lunch plates include a crispy buttermilk chicken sandwich, a half-pound Steakhouse cheeseburger, grilled chicken & strawberry lunch salad, and a 7-pepper sirloin lunch salad. 

Their crispy buttermilk chicken sandwich and half-pound Steakhouse cheeseburger are delightful items that people love to crave. Each features a big juicy patty with flavorful toppings that can make your every bite tempting, which will make you full in no time. 

On the other hand, if you want to satisfy your appetite while maintaining a healthy diet, you can opt for their grilled chicken & strawberry lunch salad or 7-pepper sirloin lunch salad. Both dishes come in generous portion sizes and are low in calories, as well as rich in nutrition, which can provide you with an energy boost for the entire day. 

Besides, rather than selecting from the lunch plates, the lunch menu also presents the option of enjoying a warm and hearty soup along with a fresh hand-chopped salad for more healthy choices. 

The price for all their Steakhouse lunch plates is set at under $10, which is quite reasonable considering the size of the dishes. 

Full-Sized Lunch Favorites

Lemon Garlic Chicken$17.49
Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders$15.79
Parmesan Crusted Chicken$17.99
LongHorn Salmon$20.79
Chop Steak$13.99
Redrock Grilled Shrimp$17.99
Baby Back Ribs$18.79

Another hearty option that you can choose from the lunch menu of Longhorn Steakhouse is their full-sized lunch favorites. All of these dishes are unique in terms of taste and flavor profile and are prepared with rich herbs and ingredients that can surely tantalize your taste buds to the fullest. 

In their full-sized lunch favorites, you have the option to pick your desired item from the available options, such as lemon garlic chicken, hand-breaded chicken tenders, parmesan crusted chicken, longhorn salmon, chop steak, Redrock grilled shrimp, and baby back ribs. 

Among them, the most favorite item of patrons is their lemon garlic chicken, which consists of grilled chicken breast, garnished with parsley and a housemade lemon garlic butter sauce. Served with a fire-grilled lemon for added zest. 

Alternatively, you can also go with their longhorn salmon, which is praised by many patrons for its deliciously juicy texture and flavor. The secret to its taste lies in that the salmon is freshly caught from the Atlantic and marinated with their signature bourbon. 

Other than that, you can try their other delectable full-sized lunch favorites based on your preference and taste buds. 

All of their full-sized lunch favorites are priced between $13 and $19, so grab your desired lunch item within your budget and make your dining experience worthwhile. 

Legendary Lunch Steaks

Flo’s Filet 6oz.330$19.49
Flo’s Filet 9oz.450$24.79
Outlaw Ribeye 20oz.1250$24.79
The LongHorn 22oz.1280$27.29
Chop Steak 10oz.640$10.99
Renegade Sirloin 6oz.320$11.29
Renegade Sirloin 8oz.390$14.29
Ribeye 12oz.810$19.79
Kansas City Strip 12oz.630$19.79
Fire-Grilled T-Bone 18oz.1130$23.79

True to their name, the legendary lunch steaks at Longhorn Steakhouse’s lunch menu are indeed iconic items for which they are renowned. Each of their legendary steaks reflects the culinary expertise of the chefs and is prepared with care, which can leave your taste buds and appetite craving for more. 

The lunch menu of Longhorn Steakhouse offers seven varieties of legendary lunch steaks, which are Flo’s filet, outlaw ribeye, renegade sirloin, ribeye, New York strip, fire-grilled T-bone, and Longhorn porterhouse. 

You can select any of their legendary steaks according to your choice as each one is incredibly delicious, juicy, and tender. They are all seasoned to perfection and grilled just right to bring out their authentic taste and flavor. Every meat of their legendary steaks is so tender that it falls off the bone easily and you can feel the burst of flavors melting in your mouth. 

On top of that, their legendary steaks are served with one side of your choice for more enticing satisfaction. The side includes seasoned rice, loaded baked potato, seasoned french fries, mixed green salad, and many more. 

Although their legendary steaks are a bit expensive, they are worth the value due to the quantity and taste they hold. You can get their amazing legendary steaks within a price range of $15-$34 if you don’t think about your wallet. 

Lunch Entree Salads

Grilled Chicken & Strawberry Salad$16.79
7-Pepper Sirloin Salad$17.79
Farm Fresh Field Greens with Crispy Chicken Tenders$15.79
Farm Fresh Field Greens with Grilled Salmon$17.29
LongHorn Caesar SaladStarting at $15.79

Numerous salad entree lunch items are also available on Longhorn Steakhouse’s lunch menu for healthier and more nutritional choices. Each of their salad entrees is low in calories, but much more filling. 

Their lunch entree salad items include grilled chicken & strawberry salad, 7-pepper sirloin salad, farm-fresh field greens with chicken tenders, farm-fresh greens with salmon, and longhorn Caesar salad. 

Try their longhorn Caesar salad and 7-pepper sirloin salad, recommended by patrons for their outstanding dressings and flavors. 

Longhorn Steakhouse’s lunch entree salads are priced within a range of $13-$16, which is perfect compared to the portion it is served on a plate. 

Longhorn Steakhouse Food Serving Options

Longhorn Steakhouse provides various food serving options to their customers, such as dining in, takeout, and convenient curbside pick up. However, you cannot order the food by delivering it to your address, picking food from the drive-thru, or enjoying the view by sitting outdoors. 

Below is the chart of Longhorn Steakhouse food serving options. 

Food Serving OptionsAvailability
DeliveryNot Available
Drive-thruNot Available
Curbside PickupAvailable
Outdoor SeatingNot Available

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Longhorn Steakhouse Have Gluten-Free Lunch Options?

No, Longhorn Steakhouse does not have gluten-free lunch options featured on its lunch menu as they do not have a separate kitchen for preparing it. However, they can make gluten-free items based on your needs from the following options that they listed only for gluten items. To check the list, you can visit their official website. 

What Are the Popular Lunch Items at Longhorn Steakhouse?

Longhorn Steakhouse has many popular lunch items, which vary according to an individual’s taste buds and preferences. However, the most iconic and popular lunch item is their legendary steaks, for which they are renowned among the patrons. 

All of their legendary steaks are seasoned and grilled to perfection, which makes them juicy and flavorful. Among them, you can try their ribeye and T-bone steak, recommended by patrons for lunch. 

Does Longhorn Steakhouse Have Lunch Specials on Saturday?

Yes, Longhorn Steakhouse does have a lunch special on Saturdays, which is available from 11:00 AM to 03:00 PM. In their lunch special, you can order one hearty soup of your choice, along with a hand-chopped salad for just $8.49. 

Does Longhorn Steakhouse Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Longhorn Steakhouse accepts Apple Pay as their payment method for their food. Customers who are using Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, or Apple Watch can pay conveniently by holding their devices near a contactless reader located on the countertop after setting up their Apple Pay. 

Final Verdict

Longhorn Steakhouse’s lunch menu is filled with a wide variety of options. You can choose from lighter meals like sandwiches, hearty steaks, or even healthy salad choices. The menu is carefully designed to cater to both hearty and light appetites so that there is something for everyone to crave during lunch.

On top of that, the ambiance of the Longhorn Steakhouse is mind-blowing, which can make your dining experience more enjoyable and memorable.

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