How to Make Pizza Dough Without Yeast?

Pizza is one of the most delicious foods in the world not only because of its amazing taste but also because of its simple preparation. Anyone can make a pizza at home with just a couple of ingredients that are available in the kitchen.

Although most conventional pizza recipes call for yeast as a leavening agent to help the dough rise, you can use other ingredients such as baking powder as a substitute to make pizza easily. It will not taste exactly the same as the regular pizzas made with yeast but it will still taste amazing.

Here I will describe to you in detail all the tips and tricks for making pizza dough without any yeast. Just by carefully following these procedures, you will be able to make yourself a nice pie even when you do not have any bread yeast available. All of the processes stated below are easy to follow and replicate so just follow along.

What Can I Use Instead of Yeast in Pizza Dough?

Yeast is a single-cell living organism that occupies a space in the Fungi kingdom. Fungi cannot produce their own food through photosynthesis and need to feed on other organisms. Yeast has been used to make bread and beer for thousands of years even before we knew what it was.

Yeast breaks down some of the sugar present in the dough to produce ethanol and carbon dioxide. The ethanol gets evaporated completely as the bread is baked and the carbon dioxide gas raises the bread giving it an airy texture.

Although replicating this entire process with other substitutes is quite difficult, we can use other leavening agents such as baking powder to raise the pizza dough. But the pizza dough raised using baking powder will taste different and will form a thinner crust.

Baking powder is a powder mixture of an alkaline and an acid which only react with each other in the presence of water and heat to release carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide works the same way as it does when yeast is used to raise the dough and provide an airy texture. So we can use baking powder instead of yeast in pizza dough.

How to Make Pizza Dough Without Yeast?

The necessary ingredients and the preparation process are described below in detail.


Here is the list of ingredients that you will need to make a yeast-free pizza dough

  • All-purpose flour- 1 ½ cup
  • Baking powder- 1 tablespoon
  • Salt, as needed
  • Olive oil- 1 tablespoon
  • Room temperature water- ½ cup
  • Corn meal- to coat the bottom of the crust 


Here are the steps to prepare a yeast-free pizza dough.

Step 1

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl.

Step 2

Add the oil and water to the bowl.

Step 3

Knead the pizza dough until it is no longer sticky and has become smooth. It will take about 10-15 minutes of kneading. Add a little flour if the dough is too sticky.

Step 4

Form a round ball and flatten it out with a rolling pin. Now you can top it with your favorite pizza toppings and cook a delicious yeast-free pizza.

Tips for Making Pizza Dough Without Yeast

Here are some tips and tricks that I always apply while making pizza dough without any yeast. Follow them to make sure your pizza comes out delicious every time.

Preheat Properly

Always make sure that the pizza oven has reached 475 F or 245 C before you put the pizza in the oven. Preheating is vital to ensure that the pizza bakes well. Baking powder needs heat to work properly so always make sure that your pizza oven is preheated properly.

Do Not Rest the Dough

Unlike regular dough that uses yeast, dough made without yeast does not need to be rested at all. Baking powder activates fast and you should put the dough in the oven as quickly as you can to get the most out of the baking powder. So flatten out the dough as soon as you are done kneading and start baking.

Keep an Eye on the Pizza

Yeast-free pizza does not rise as much as a regular pizza which also increases its chance of getting burned in the oven. Check the pizza every few minutes to make sure that the pizza is not getting burnt.

Prevent the Pizza From Sticking

You can use cornmeal or flour on the bottom of the pizza to make sure that the pizza does not stick easily to the surface of the oven. Use just a sprinkle of cornmeal or flour to prevent the pizza from sticking but do not use too much of it as it can ruin the taste of the pizza.

Let the Pizza Cool Down

Even though it might seem tempting to have a slice as soon as you take the pizza out of the oven, I suggest that you let the pizza cool down before you start eating it. Baking powder can remain active in the pizza even after the cooking process is completed so let it sit on the counter for a few minutes to cool down before you cut yourself a slice.


Is It Okay to Make Pizza Dough Without Yeast?

Yes, it is perfectly normal to make pizza dough without any yeast. However, you need to put some type of leavening agent such as baking powder in the dough. Otherwise, your pizza dough will be too hard and chewy.

What Happens if You Don’t Put Yeast in Pizza Dough?

Pizza dough will not rise and will not have an airy texture in the crust if you do not add any yeast to the dough mixture. Pizza dough rises because of yeast so in the case of a pizza without yeast or any type of leavening agent, it will not rise at all.

Does Yeast-Free Pizza Dough Taste Good?

Yes, yeast-free pizza dough tastes good if you add other leavening agents to it such as baking powder.

How Should I Store Yeast-Free Pizza Dough?

Yeast-free pizza dough should not be stored and should be used to bake pizza instantly. 

Can You Use Baking Soda to Make Pizza Dough?

No, baking soda needs an acidic environment to produce carbon dioxide and pizza dough does not have such an environment. So you cannot use baking soda to make pizza dough. 


Yeast is such an amazing ingredient that gives a nice taste and texture to the pizza dough that it is almost impossible to think of making a pizza without any yeast. But the situation can force your hand to adapt and using baking powder instead of yeast makes delicious pies that will impress everyone.

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