Persian New Years Feast “norooz”

Join us for a Persian-inspired feast in honor of the Persian New Year, with Louisa Shafia, author of the award-winning cookbook The New Persian Kitchen. Norooz is an ancient holiday that falls on the vernal equinox, celebrating the return of blooms and green shoots after the long winter. This dinner will pay homage to that tradition with bright, fresh, beautiful flavors from the Middle East and the Silk Road, highlighting ingredients like rose petals, mint, rhubarb, barberries, tamarind, and sumac.

prix fixe $55.00 for food.  beverage, tax, gratuity extra

Menu Norooz, 

 Mast o khiar, yogurt with cucumber and mint

Fresh Herb platter with barbari bread

Ash e reshteh, bean, herb, noodle soup

Smoked fish herb omelet

Fish with tamarind and barberries

Herb rice

Sweet limoo omani tartlets 

Rhubarb mint sharbat with prosecco