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Taquería la Herradura Menu Price (Authentic Mexican Dining)

Taqueria La Herradura is one of the finest Mexican diners located in Birmingham, Alabama that serves authentic Mexican foods such as tortas, burritos, gorditas, sopes, quesadillas, carne asada, fajita mixtas, enchiladas, and so on.

Customers from all over Birmingham visit this fine establishment to satisfy their craving for some of the best Mexican dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients with love and care.

The restaurant starts operating as early as 7:00 AM and stays open until 3:00 PM and the delivery hours are from 10:00 AM to 2:30 AM. They are open every day of the week to provide service to their customers ordering online or in person.

Start your morning with delicious food items from their desayunos or the breakfast menu. Huevos al gusto is made with scrambled eggs, meats, and vegetables. Their morning tacos are also recommended by satisfied customers. You can also try the arroz con frijoles made with white rice and black beans which is a classic Cuban dish bringing you the freshness of the taste from overseas.

Try their amazing traditional Mexican soup made from cow’s stomach with red chili paper, lime, onions, and oregano known as Menudo, available both in the breakfast and the lunch menu. The mouthwatering meat items do not end there as they also serve the authentic Mexican dish Barboca de Borrego made from lamb meat, combined with herbs and spices. The slow cooking of the lamb meat makes it amazingly tender and delicious.

And what Mexican dining experience can be complete without their amazing tortas? Taqueria La Herradura offers various types of tortas in different flavors, all made from the freshest ingredients. The tortas menu includes Pollo Torta, Asada Torta, Chorizo Torta, Campechanos Torta, Chicharron Torta, and Al Pastor Torta.

Choose from the Guisados if you want to fill your stomach to the brim with amazingly cooked Mexican food at very affordable prices. This menu also offers various choices to pick from. The Guisados menu includes different meat options such as chicken, sausage, pork, and beef.

You can also try an item from their Gorditas menu which is made from maize flour and filled with meat of your choice. Choose the meat option to your liking as they offer chicken, sausage, pork, and beef.

The meaty goodness does not stop there as you can order their famous Tamales which are very popular among customers for both breakfast and lunch.

Other delicious Mexican items such as Tacos, Quesadilla, and Salsa are also available in this fine establishment to provide you with an authentic Mexican taste.

Taquería La Herradura Desayunos/Breakfast Menu

Item Price
Huevos al Gusto $10.00
Arroz Frijoles $10.00

Taquería La Herradura Fines de Semana/Sabado Y Domingo Menu

Item Price
Menudo $13.00
Barbacoa de Borrego y Chilaquiles $13.00

Taquería La Herradura Tortas Menu

Item Price
Pollo Torta $8.00
Asada Torta $8.00
Chorizo Torta $8.00
Campechanos Torta $8.00
Chicharron Torta $8.00
Al Pastor Torta $8.00

Taquería La Herradura Guisados Menu

Item Price
Pollo $12.00
Asada $12.00
Chorizo $12.00
Campechanos $12.00
Chicharron $12.00
Al Pastor $12.00

Taquería La Herradura Gorditas Menu

Item Price
Pollo $3.50
Asada $3.50
Chorizo $3.50
Campechanos $3.50
Chicharron $3.50
Al Pastor $3.50

Taquería La Herradura Tamales Menu

Item Price
Tamales $3.00

Taquería La Herradura Tacos Menu

Item Price
Tacos $2.50

Taquería La Herradura A La Carte Menu

Item Price
Hotdog $2.50
Pollo y Carne Asada $15.00
Quesadilla Sola $8.00
Con Arroz y Frijol $10.00
Sopes $4.00

Taquería La Herradura Food Serving Options


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Official Websitehttp://ordertaquerialaherradura.com/
Gift Cardshttps://fullmoonbbq.com/product/gift-cards/
Contact Number+12053076294

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Calories Are in a Taquería la Herradura Restaurant Pollo Torta?

Although the exact calories in one Pollo Torta are not specified by the restaurants, the estimated calories per Chicken Torta or Pollo Torta is 598 calories.

How Many Types of Torta Does Taquería la Herradura Restaurant Sell?

Taqueria La Herradura Restaurant serves six different types of Tortas which are Pollo Torta, Asada Torta, Chorizo Torta, Campechanos Torta, Chicharron Torta, and Al Pastor Torta.

Is the Salsa at Taquería la Herradura Too Spicy?

No, the Salsa at Taqueria La Herradura is not too spicy but it can seem too spicy to some customers if they have low spice tolerance.

How Do Get Free Food at Taquería la Herradura Restaurant?

You cannot get any free food at Taqueria La Herradura Restaurant but they might give you extra food with your order if you ask kindly.

Final Thoughts

Taqueria La Herradura serves amazingly cooked authentic Mexican cuisine with only the freshest ingredients. Their mouthwatering dishes and friendly services have gained them a superb reputation all over Birmingham. Visit this establishment to spend quality time with friends, family, and loved ones with flavorsome Mexican foods. 

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