Wendy's Salad Menu

Wendy’s Salad Menu: Best Place for Fresh and Green Salads!

Wendy’s is a popular fast-food chain restaurant with over more than 6000 locations spread across the United States. The restaurant is highly known among patrons for its amazing fast-food items as well as its many delectable salad options. They have a special menu dedicated to salads, which offers fresh delicious salad options for people with dietary restrictions. 

In this guide, we have thoroughly covered the entire salad menu of Wendy’s, along with their prices, so that it helps you to decide the best possible salad items that match your taste buds and preferences. 

Wendy’s Salad Menu

Apple Pecan Chicken SaladHerb-marinated grilled chicken breast, red and green apples, sweet cranberries, roasted pecans, crumbled blue cheese, lettuce, pomegranate vinaigrette dressing540$10.69
Caesar Side SaladThree cheeses, bacon bits, lettuce, Caesar dressing290$3.89
Chicken Caesar SaladGrilled chicken breast, Italian cheeses, bacon bits, croutons, Caesar dressing160$10.69
Garden Side SaladLettuce, cheese, tomatoes, croutons, dressing260$3.49
Taco SaladChili, lettuce, shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, salsa, sour cream, tortilla chips690$9.89

Wendy’s salad menu has a wide range of choices for salads. They have options that are suitable for people who want a hearty meal as well as those who prefer something lighter. The options include apple pecan chicken salad, Caesar side salad, chicken Caesar salad, garden side salad, and taco salad. All of these salad items are discussed thoroughly in the passage below. 

Apple Pecan Chicken Salad

Wendy’s Apple Pecan Chicken Salad is a delicious option that you can choose for your meal if you are craving something sweet, bold, and flavorful. It includes herb-marinated grilled chicken breast, crisp red and green apples, sweet cranberries, roasted pecans, and crumbled blue cheese on a bed of Wendy’s signature lettuce. Then, finished with Renee’s gourmet pomegranate vinaigrette dressing for more added flavors and taste. 

This Apple Pecan Chicken Salad is such a treat to the eyes, and not only looks delightful but also promises to satisfy your taste buds and appetite. Plus, it’s only 540 calories and costs just $10.69. 

Caesar Side Salad

Wendy’s Caesar Side Salad can be a great option for you to choose for pairing up with your main meal. It comes in a smaller portion size but is loaded with generous amounts of ingredients, and the taste is simply amazing. 

Their Caesar Side Salad features a blend of a unique combination of three cheeses and bacon bits served on Wendy’s signature lettuce and enhanced with Zesty Renee’s gourmet Caesar dressing for an added touch of savory taste and flavor. 

This classic Caesar side salad is a satisfying side option, which is only 290 calories and priced at only $3.89. 

Chicken Caesar Salad

Another delectable choice from Wendy’s salad menu is the Chicken Caesar Salad, a favorite among patrons. This salad includes grilled chicken breast, Italian cheeses, bacon bits, and croutons, which are topped with Renee’s gourmet Caesar dressing. On top of that, you have the option to customize the cooking method of chicken, whether you want it to be grilled, classic, or spicy. 

It’s highly recommended for its low-calorie count, which is an ideal option for individuals who are in extreme dietary restrictions, at just $160 calories per serving. The price for this delicious salad is just $10.69. 

Garden Side Salad

As a side salad choice, you can also opt for Wendy’s Garden Side Salad, which pairs well with any meal on the menu. This refreshing salad is filled with flavorful ingredients such as crisp lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and croutons, all garnished with your choice of Renee’s gourmet dressing. 

The calorie count of this Garden Side Salad is only 260, and the price is also very low, only at $3.49. 

Taco Salad

Wendy’s Taco Salad stands out as one of their most beloved items on the salad menu. It is packed with hearty ingredients and offers a sensational taste experience that can easily please someone’s taste buds and appetite to the fullest. It comes with a chili, crisp lettuce, shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, salsa, and sour cream, and topped with tortilla chips. 

If you want to get the taste of authentic Mexican spices, this salad is a wonderful option to pick from the menu. It has slightly more calories than any other salad, which is around 690, and is priced at $9.89. 

Wendy’s Salad Calories

The taco salad from Wendy’s has the highest calorie count per serving at 690, while the chicken Caesar salad has the lowest at 180. Here are the calorie counts listed in the chart for each salad item offered on Wendy’s salad menu, which will help you to decide the salad item that best suits your dietary preferences. 

SaladTotal Calories (Per Serving)Total Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrate (g)Protein (g)
Cobb Salad420 calories23.00g250mg960mg16.00g36.00g
Apple Pecan Chicken Salad540 calories28.00g130mg1420mg44.00g32.00g
Taco Salad690 calories34.00g60mg1870mg68.00g30.00g
Garden Side Salad260 calories18.00g20mg460mg19.00g07.00g
Caesar Side Salad290 calories13.00g85mg960mg13.00g32.00g
Chicken Caesar Salad180 calories4.00g75mg690mg8.00g28.00g

Wendy’s Food Serving Options

Wendy’s provides various food serving options for their customer’s convenience. You can dine in at the restaurant, take food while on the go, have it delivered to your address, use the drive-thru, or go for no-contact delivery. However, curbside pickup and outdoor seating food options are not available at Wendy’s. 

Below is the chart of Wendy’s food serving options. 

Food Serving OptionsAvailability
Curbside PickupNot Available
No-contact DeliveryAvailable
Outdoor SeatingNot Available

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are the Main Ingredients in a Cobb Salad?

The main ingredients in a Cobb salad at Wendy’s are freshly cooked Applewood smoked bacon, chopped tomatoes, grilled chicken, crispy fried onions, diced eggs, and creamy ranch dressing. 

Does Wendy’s Use Real Chicken in Their Salads?

Yes, Wendy’s uses real chicken in their salads. Their salads are crafted with all-white meat chicken breast that is grilled in-house to keep them fresh and quality. 

What Lettuce Does Wendy’s Use for Their Salads?

Wendy’s uses iceberg and romaine lettuce in all their salads. The lettuce is served fresh daily and is hand-washed and hand-chopped before being used in the salads. 

Does Wendy’s Salad Calories Include Dressing?

Yes, Wendy’s salad calorie counts include two packets of dressing. The dressing comes as a side, not mixed in with the salad, so you can reduce the calories by using less dressing. 

Are Wendy’s Salads Made Fresh?

Yes, all of Wendy’s salads are made fresh daily with high-quality ingredients and are prepared fresh when ordered. 

How Much is the Southwest Avocado Salad at Wendy’s?

Wendy’s Southwest Avocado Salad is priced at $6.69 for a full-size portion and $4.69 for a half-size portion. Sometimes, the full-sized Southwest Avocado Salad is available at a discounted price of $5.79 for a limited time. However, keep in mind that the price may vary in certain locations, so it is better to check the price online or by asking the staff of your nearest Wendy’s restaurant.

Does Wendy’s Salads Have Preservatives?

Based on Wendy’s website, their salads are made fresh daily at each location and contain no preservatives. They use natural ingredients, such as lettuce, fresh fruits, and all-white chicken meat in their salads. Moreover, their salad dressings are preservative-free as well and made with only natural ingredients. 

Final Words

In summary, Wendy’s salad menu is full of the healthiest and most nutritious salad options that are perfect for people who are on a diet. Each of their salad items is light, filling, and refreshing and is packed with fresh high-quality ingredients. Besides, their salads are a good source of vitamins and minerals as well as tasty, so it is worth considering.

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